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Summer Vibes

Summer is coming! Now that Memorial Day is upon us I’m thinking Red, White, and Blue treats with no baking or hot ovens required. And the best part? This recipes can be shared with both human and canine family members! Ingredients 1/2 cup whole Blueberries 1 cup chopped Strawberries 1 cup plain Yogurt Directions 1. […]

Seasonal Spring

Emerging From Hibernation

It’s usually about this time of year when we start getting the first glimpse of Spring. Days feel a bit longer, trees are starting to bud, crocuses are peeking through the thawing ground. It makes me want to throw open the windows and inhale all of the newly-born goodness. I know a lot of people […]

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The Loudoun 100

Are you looking for something to binge-watch on your relaxing day off? What better way to start the year than with personal stories of inspiration and optimism? Here is my video but I would urge you to spend a bit of your New Year’s Day watching some of the others. My favorite nugget of advice came […]

Crafts + DIY

Claim Your Haven Wherever You Are

Let’s talk about haven for a minute. When you think of haven, do you imagine a perfectly appointed space with lots of luxurious detail, cozy accessories, and the comforting smell of lavender and fresh flowers lingering in the air? While that sounds idyllic it isn’t always possible and quite frankly, it doesn’t have to be. […]

About Us

Who remembers Holly Hobbie?

I know I’m dating myself but I remember that cute little rag doll very clearly. Our entire bedroom was decorated from head-to-toe in Holly Hobbie from sheets, to curtains, to the hand-painted lamp my mom made. A giant Holly Hobbie doll graced each one of our twin beds (that were covered in Holly Hobbie bedspreads.) […]

Crafts + DIY

When Chores Are Therapeutic

I have to admit to being a little spoiled when it comes to house-cleaning. I’ll keep up with day-to-day straightening up, dusting, vacuuming, laundry… When it comes to deep clear-the-room-and-wash-everything cleaning, I hire every few weeks. Today I woke up with the plan to go hiking in the rain but something about the coziness of a […]

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