When Chores Are Therapeutic

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When Chores Are Therapeutic

I have to admit to being a little spoiled when it comes to house-cleaning. I’ll keep up with day-to-day straightening up, dusting, vacuuming, laundry… When it comes to deep clear-the-room-and-wash-everything cleaning, I hire every few weeks.

Today I woke up with the plan to go hiking in the rain but something about the coziness of a rainy day, making breakfast, and the quiet snores of my kitties prompted me to stay at home and fill the place with candlelight and sparkle.

Loving your clean house is one thing, but lovingly cleaning it is something else.

Getting my hands on my stuff, listening to the stories of the chipped knick-knacks that once decorated my grandparents house, lingering over the photos that are important enough to frame, remembering why I live with all the things I live with makes the task of undoing, polishing, and putting rooms back together so much more than just a chore.

When I sit down in a couple of hours I’ll have rekindled the joy I have in this space. How do you make sure your home always bring you joy?

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