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Summer Vibes

Summer is coming! Now that Memorial Day is upon us I’m thinking Red, White, and Blue treats with no baking or hot ovens required. And the best part? This recipes can be shared with both human and canine family members! Ingredients 1/2 cup whole Blueberries 1 cup chopped Strawberries 1 cup plain Yogurt Directions 1. […]

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Emerging From Hibernation

It’s usually about this time of year when we start getting the first glimpse of Spring. Days feel a bit longer, trees are starting to bud, crocuses are peeking through the thawing ground. It makes me want to throw open the windows and inhale all of the newly-born goodness. I know a lot of people […]

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Peep All the Leaves!

There’s a lawn full of crunchy, golden reasons as to why you should head out your front door for a leaf peeping excursion this year. Since there are too many to count (and nearly too many to rake up) I’m just going to reach into a brief how, when, where, and why of leaf peeping. […]

Autumn Seasonal

Welcome Back to School

The carefree and whimsical days of summer mean breakfast at noon, ice cream for dinner, and few responsibilities outside of picking up the house, mowing the lawn, and hunting down the best place to cool off. But now that our vacations are over and the kids are headed back to school soon, it’s time to […]

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